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Activities this Winter 2015-2016

 ***Our next club meeting will be on Feb. 13th.  This is a change in the meeting date for February only.  NEW TIME for General meeting is 5pm, with potluck to follow.  

****The club will be cooking enough spagetti for the potluck.  Please bring some desserts to go with it.

Nominations for this years elections will be held February 13th at the TTF Club House at 5:00 pm. The nominating committee will present candidates who have agreed to serve for each position and will also accept nominations from the floor at that time. Election of officers and board members will be held at the TTF Club House at the regular membership meeting on March 5th @ 5:00 p.m.

Here is Some FUN!   Saturday Feb. 13th and Sunday Feb. 14th

 The Washington State Snowmobile Association convention will be held in Walla Walla this year and will be having rides at Tollgate on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend.  The rides will start at Morning Creek Sno-Park at 9am.  Trailfinders will host a hot dog feed on Saturday the 13th at Bone-Chapman Shelter between 11am and 2pm.  

We are looking for locally experienced riders to lead the rides for this convention.  

Please contact Glen Warren to volunteer:

PLEASE - RIDE SAFE, SANE, and LEGAL.  Stay on marked trails around cabin areas, and on private property. We can  get shut out of trails, (we have in the past).  Locations of concern are Cross Country Ski marked area across from Andes Praire, the Lower Trail Loop, and the trail through Summer Cabins across from ski area.


THANKS for all the loyal memberships sent in!! Our membership total is at 85 families. Thankyou for joining!  However, we can still use more members - there is always trail work needed AND we enjoy getting to meet new mountain folks!

If you have not recieved a membership card or are not comfortable using our online paypal system, please email Dottie at for membership info.   


PROPERTY OWNERS ON THE TRAIL: You are covered through OSSA for liability insurance. Go to NEWS/Property Owners on this website to check for your name if your property is on the trail system. Thank You.

Hooray for the Pendleton office and Dennis of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)!  They have donated new weather station equipment to provide better reliability.

Election results from March 7th meeting:

Board positions - Elected for the 2015-2016 Season are Brandon Christensen, Chris Jenson, Lynn Kent, Linda Batterton, and David Baird.  See Board on top menu for the complete list of current officers and Board members.


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Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

Weather Underground PWS KORTOLLG2

Grooming Reports 2016 (snow line 541-566--2784)

February 12th
We had a tough time grooming this week as day time temperatures were well up into the upper 30's and 40's.  The only time we could groom was after it froze at 1 or 2 a.m., so we went out beginning 1:30-2:30 a.m.and worked until after daylight.  Within 2 hours of sun up it would be mushy and not roll, stick to the drag and create big snowballs.  We did groom out through Morning Creek, Spout through Woodland and Andies Prairie to 31 Rd.,3719 (Coyote), McIntyre Loop, Jubilee to Bone Springs, and Skyline Rd., to the store and back twice.  It started raining yesterday (Thursday) and rain is in the forecast today (Friday) and a rain/snow mix for the week-end.  I don't know if we will be able to do anything this week-end, will be watching the weather and if an opening appears, will be out.  We finished repairing the 98 on Wednesday so the steering is working as it should.  We were going to clean the clubhouse of snow, but thanks to Glen Warren, it was already cleaned.  BIG thanks to him for taking care of that!!!!!! 

February 5th
We groomed this week down to McDougal and back, 3719 Coyote Rd, out through Spout Springs, Andies Prairie to 31 Rd, Gordon Creek Loop, Balloon Tree Loop, Jubilee Rd to Bone Springs, Lugar Loop, and bladed snow around the clubhouse the first part of the week. We got the 98 back the first of the week and had some repairs on it, then Thursday it broke a steering part and stranded the drivers, had to go rescue them.  We got that fixed today and the 98 back to the grooming shed.  We will have to do more work on the steering to have it running right.
Totals for January 2016
In January
total miles groomed                   713
total hours grooming                  118.5
fuel burned                              747.6
total trees removed                   39
hours maintenance                     8
hours driving to/from mountain    16
total miles driven to/from mountain    840
TTF grooming chairman, Jess Thompson
January 29 grooming report:
We did all our grooming Monday-Wednesday this week in the wee hours of the morning to beat the warm temperatures mid-day and to beat the rain forecast for Thursday.  We groomed out to Bone Springs and back on Jubilee Road, down the Timothy Shortcut and back 6413 around the hillside.  We also groomed Skyline Road, Elk Trail, Powerline, and around McIntyre.  Groomed down Chalet/Shumway loop, out through Spout Springs, Woodland, to Andies Prairie, to Ruckle and back, around Gordon Creek and Balloon Tree Loops.  We were in and out of the snow parks.  No grooming the last 2 days due to freezing rain, rain on Thursday and wet snow Friday.  I hope it will get cold enough for the week-end.  The 98 is now in Halfway as their CAT broke track belts, and they needed to use it to help with grooming this week.  So we have been without the 98 for 2 weeks.  We hope to get it back next week.
Jan. 22nd
We went out Tuesday and Wednesday of this week grooming to beat the warm weather that was predicted and came for the end of the week. We began grooming @ 3 a.m. to hit the coldest part of the day.   We got 1 to 1 1/2+feet of  new snow the first part of the week, which was a wet snow and not easy to groom.  We did make it out to Ruckle Rd (31) Balloon Tree, Gordon Creek Loop, to Baldy twice, to the store three times, broke open highway crossings twice.  We also groomed to Bone Springs and back, Powerline Trail, McIntyre Loop.  I made it by the Chalet to McDougal highway crossing and back.  We bladed the clubhouse out Tuesday and Wednesday.  The snow was wet and heavy, we barely made it to Bone Springs without the Idaho as we unhooked it at Jubilee Lake.  The last 2 days, it has been a rain/snow mix, which is settling the snow but it is too warm to groom as temperatures have been as high as 35.  Thursday night it was 35 at the SnoTell site out at the Milkshakes.  We have not groomed for the last 2 days.  We will wait and see if it cools down enough to groom this week-end as there is still rain/snow mix in the forecast for Saturday.  Denny Farwell came and got the 98 Tucker Tuesday as La Grande club 2 track groomer got stuck and broke a track.  They will use the 98 to do some grooming and help reinstall the repaired track on their groomer.  We only had 1 groomer to use this week.  We hope to get the 98 back the first part of next week.
Jan. 15th
We have been grooming this week between snow storms, with 10 inches to a foot of new snow to work with.  We have groomed out to Bone Springs, Skyline, Elk Trail, Power Line Trail, Coyote (3719) Rd, Balloon Tree, Gordon Creek, out to Ruckle, Chalet/Shumway loop, so we are in good shape for the week-end.  The snow that fell this week was a little on the wet side, so it didn't groom as good as we would have liked, but the trails are still smooth.  Temperatures this week have ranged from 25-34.  There is more snow in the forecast for Saturday with another possible 4-8 inches of new snow.  It should be good snowmobiling .  Two of our drivers are attending the OSSA state convention through the week-end where they have attended groomer maintenance seminars and gotten to see new grooming equipment as well as attending meetings. 
Jan. 8th 2016
This week we have been grooming in the early morning hours as temperatures have been rising in late morning above freezing.  We have groomed Chalet/Shumway loop, McIntyre loop, Target Meadows, out through Spout Spring, Andies Prairie, to Ruckel Junction.  We groomed to Bone Springs, Skyline Road.  We also in the last two days opened up Lugar Loop, out towards Black Mountain from Ruckle, and Timothy Loop out towards Lookout Mountain.  We removed 30 trees from these areas.  The trails are smooth and hard as it is freezing at night and above freezing in mid day.  We are in good shape for the week-end.  We did some maintenance on both SnoCats.
Jess Thompson
grooming chairman - 

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Washington Sno Park permits will NOT be honored in Oregon Sno Parks this year according to the Oregon Forest Service.  An Oregon Sno Park permit can be purchased at the DMV (maybe Stateline Polaris also).

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