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Saturday First General meeting - Breakfast and Bazaar


We will be raffling off this Pellet BarBQ from Ranch and Home.  Look for postings of our next meeting.



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2014 October/ November/ December Events

Trail Work - If you ride the trails - Please Help Maintain them.  Call Bob Carrell 509-947-2944, or Brandon Christensen 509-830-3706.

Saturday Dec. 6th - Welcome to 2014 Season!!  Breakfast at Clubhouse 8am - 10am.  Call Dottie Carrell to volunteer 509-947-2944.  Mini Bazaar & Swap Meet so bring snowmobile gear to sell or swap and hand made items.  This will be a fund raiser but you can bring things to sell or barter.  Call Marcella Morrow 509-946-5047



PLEASE - RIDE SAFE and SANE.  If you can't stay on the trails on private property - STAY HOME!

We need to re-route the trail that went through Rose Manor Trailer Court.  They had to revoke everyone's access because A FEW JERKS last season rode through the residences there going much too fast and when they were stopped they argued with the home owner about their RIGHTS?!  IF YOU THINK YOU OWN THE MOUNTAIN - YOU DON"T!!  All lower trails and trail between the store and Jubilee Lake road are private property.

AND we need to re-route the trail by Summer Cabins across from Sprout Springs Ski Area.  This trail was closed by the forest service last summer because A FEW JERKS rode ATVs through the mud over and over on the trail running parallel to the highway.  If your goal is to tear up trails DO NOT COME TO TOLLGATE to ATV!

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Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

Weather Underground PWS KORTOLLG2

First 2014-2015 Groomer Report

Dec 2014 - They are logging on Jubilee Rd til at least December 5th or 6th.  With not enough snow, we won't be grooming for at least another week until we get 18 inches or more.  Hopefully the loggers will be off Jubilee Rd when we do get snow.   

This summer the 7 grooming drivers have been working to get the groomers ready for this winter.  they have spent 61 man hours working on the Sno Cats, drove 590 miles up and down the mountain to do this work, about 12 hours of driving time all told.
   The 98 cost a total of $2,593 to repair the exhaust manifold, transmission line, electrical repairs, changing all filters, and changing engine oil.  We also removed the transfer case to be rechecked by Tucker Sno Cat and they rebuilt the case for no charge. 
   On the 08, we changed oil in all the gear boxes and engine, did electrical work and replaced the plastic on the Idaho Special dozer blade.  We spent a total of $2,437 on this CAT. 

Due to the lack of grooming statewide last winter, OSSA had carryover funds to help with brushing trails.  They hired Josh Cobb from Haines, Oregon with a track excavator with brush cutter blade on it to work at Tollgate.  We were allowed $4,500 to do as many miles of trail as we could.  Thanks to Denny Farwell (OSSA director at large)  for helping organize this!  We ended up brushing 25 miles of trail from Morning Creek up through Spout, Gordon Creek Trail, to Andes Prairie, to Rd 31, then with the help of Bob Smith (TTF club director) truck and trailer,  we moved Cobb to Elk Trail and brushed that trail all the way to Skyline Rd.  As we ran out of money to finish the job, TTF club paid to finish the extra miles to get to Skyline Rd.  Thanks to Allen Thompson for helping me supervise Josh Cobb for 4 days to keep him on the right roads and help throw some brush out of the road where needed.  We spent 25 hours supervising and 4 hours driving up and down the mountain.  Also thanks goes out to Amy, Jay, Duane, Bob & Dottie Carrell, and Bob Smith for helping with trail work this summer.  Also thanks to Branden Christianson for working on lower trails this fall. 
The groomer shed needed some roof repair, thanks to Bob Smith and his helper for replacing screws and roof trim on the back of the shed.
Thanks to Steve Anderson (USFS), and his helpers for helping us come up with a temporary fix to the marsh problem at Spout Springs for this winter so the groomer can get through that area and be out of the water.  The FS will continue working on that area to rehab the damage done by ATV's.
We need 18 inches of snow after December 1 to get started grooming.  Think SNOW!!!
Sno Park Permits

Washington Sno Park permits will NOT be honored in Oregon Sno Parks this year according to the Oregon Forest Service.  An Oregon Sno Park permit can be purchased at the DMV (maybe Stateline Polaris also).

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