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Wood Cutting Work Party July 1 at Bone Springs went really well.  Again this year our Super Kid Power was successful!    Thanks all the summer volunteers!


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Elected Officers are:

President - Bob Carrell

Vice President - Brandon Christensen

Treasurer - Tammy Christensen

Secretary - Dottie Carrell

Parlimentarian - Dewayne Harvill

Board members are:

Jack Preston, Bob Smith, Mike Kelly, Cody Smith, Donnie Hanson, Andrew Grissom, Cecil Berry, Chris Jensen, David Baird, Tammy Davenport and Glenn Warren.

PROPERTY OWNERS ON THE TRAIL: You are covered through OSSA for liability insurance. Go to NEWS/Property Owners on this website to check for your name if your property is on the trail system. Thank You.


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February 23, 2013

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Grooming Reports 2017 (snow line 541-566--2784)

Summer Groomer Work  7-13-17  THANKS for your work guys!
Five of us worked on the 98 today.  We will have to work on it one more day to be ready for winter.  Minor things to repair, tie rod, fuel tank leak, engine fuel shut off switch.  Everything else looks pretty good on the old cat.
With the help of Denny Farwell, OSSA District 7 & 8 Director, I put in to have the 08 Tucker hauled to Medford for the bottom half of the SnowCat to be overhauled.  The OSSA board approved it in April, it was hauled down the end of April.  They went through the bearings in the differentials, transfer case, and installed all new gears in the transfer case.  The track carriers were badly cracked as well as the pivot points on the axles.  They gave us a great deal on new track carriers and re-built the pivot points on the axles.  They replaced all track belts as most of them were coming apart.  They did some welding on the push frame for the dozer blade and the main frame of the machine itself.  This machine was built without a pivot on the rear turntable, which puts all the stress from being off level to the track carriers and main frame.  All the old CATS had this pivot point and the newer ones have it now.  It is finished and waiting in Medford for transport back when Denny has time.  His truck hauls the CAT for us.  Thanks to him for doing that.  Thanks to OSSA for spending the money to fix it right.
We will be working on the 98 this week to get it ready for this coming winter.
TTF grooming chairman  
On trails that need to be brushed:  we put in for grant money to brush from Jubilee Lake Turn off 6413 to Look out Mt area and back towards Timothy, especially between intersections 14 and 15 near Lookout Mt, the trees are encroaching on the road.  Timothy Shortcut from the Guard station to 6413 is starting to brush in pretty good.  There are spots on 6413 road that are starting to brush in.  Hot spots on private land trails are between McIntyre Road and Krahlman property, from the cabins on the powerline to Hill Camp especially, trees encroaching as well as brush.  The other spot was between McDougal highway crossing and the hill near Cecil's cabin where it makes a switchback up the hill is starting to brush in pretty heavy.  I can't think of other spots right now.
Thanks to everyone that helped this year, especially my groomer drivers: Allen, Kurt, Larry, Doug Watson our new driver, and our newest trainee, Jeff Wagner who just started.  These guys kept the groomers running this year, so I really thank them for that.  Thank the people that worked on trails, especially down on the Shumway: Bob, Cecil, Tristan and Brandon.  Special thanks to Cecil Barry for patrolling trails and letting me know if there was a problem, and for locking the shelters at the end of the season.  Thanks for everyone's support, I had a lot of good comments this year.
March totals:
260 miles groomed
48 hours spent grooming
306 gallons of fuel used
14 1/2 hours maintenance
1 tree removed from trail
470 miles driven too/from mountain by drivers
9 hours driving time.
Totals for the year:
2,410 miles groomed
379 hours spent grooming
2,478 gallons fuel used
49 trees removed
32 1/2 hours maintenance
2,330 miles driven too/from the mountain by drivers
46 hours driving time
Thanks for your support TTF!!
Jess Thompson, grooming chairman
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Sno Park Permits

Washington Sno Park permits will NOT be honored in Oregon Sno Parks this year according to the Oregon Forest Service.  An Oregon Sno Park permit can be purchased at the DMV (maybe Stateline Polaris also).

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