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Rides and Events Schedule for 2015

2015 Rides and Events

[Rides will meet at 10am at the clubhouse unless otherwise posted]

Sorry - January 24th - Ride Cancelled due to rainy weather

The fund-raiser dinner fed over 50 people.  THANKS Connie & Bob Smith, Steve Noirot and Zack for your labor to make that dinner a success!


January 31st there will be organized rides.  Weather and snow conditions and the leader will determine location and duration.


February 7th.  Kids safety class.  Please pre-register with 

Check in is at 8:30-9am. Please bring a lunch as its an all day class.  Volunteers are needed!


February 7th there will be an organized ride.

Feb 7th – There will be a Board meeting at 5pm, a General meeting at 6 pm, and a potluck dinner to follow.

February 14th - There will be organized rides leaving the clubhouse on Saturday and Sunday.  Ride locations will be determined by weather, snow conditions and leaders

February 21st open house cookies, coffee, cocoa, 10am - 2pm come in and warm up. 

February 28th - Looking for someone to lead a ride or host an Open House.

March 7th – Board meeting at 5pm, General Meeting at 6pm, Raffle drawing for the BarBQ from Ranch and Home, and a dinner.

March 14th TTF Open House from 10:00 till 2:00. And back by popular demand our Bob Carrell will be making and serving up his Chili from 11:30 am till 2:00 pm 

March 21st TTF Open House and a Ride - the location and duration will be determined and posted.

March 28th End of the season ride.  End of Day BBQ - need grillers to assist -  just bring the steaks or chicken or pork or what ever you like. Salad and potatoes will be provided by the club - the Q’s will be fired up at 5:00 pm.  

If you are interested in leading a ride or hosting an event at the clubhouse please contact Amy Hamann at

Raffle of pellet BarBQ

We will be raffling off this Pellet BarBQ from Ranch and Home.  

Raffle tickets are available by contacting Amy (



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2014 October/ November/ December Events

Trail Work - If you ride the trails - Please Help Maintain them.  

Call Bob Carrell 509-947-2944, or Brandon Christensen 509-830-3706.


PLEASE - RIDE SAFE and SANE.  We have already been shut out of some trails - STAY on the trails through private property.

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Below is a link to more weather information - particularly snow depths:

Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

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January 16th 2015 Groomer Update

January 16th, 2015

We had a good week of grooming this week, as we had temperatures in the low 20's in the morning and mid to upper 20's during the day.  We have groomed out Jubilee Rd to Bone Springs, Skyline, Elk Trail, and also opened up the Timothy Loop, where we removed 22 trees.  We also removed 2 trees off of Skyline Rd.  We groomed McIntyre Loop, Coyote Loop, and out through Spout Springs to Woodland to Andes Prairie Sno Park and back Gordon Creek Loop and Balloon Tree Loop.  I removed snow today from around the clubhouse, as temperatures are climbing for the week-end to the mid to upper 30's, which will prevent us from grooming over the week-end.  We are in great shape for now, except the lower trails, which are hurting for snow and have bare ground and rocks showing through.  THINK SNOW!


January 8th 2015
I was on the mountain yesterday with 4 other drivers to work on the SnoCats.  We replaced the track belt on the 08 that was broken in 2, repaired a cleat, greased both machines, worked on a lighting issue and speedometer drive with the 98.  The temperature was 45 degrees, sun was shining.  Larry came up from Elgin and said the water had cut through the trail at Woodland again, and water was beginning to cut the trail at Spout Springs.  It does not look good for any grooming as temperatures are above freezing night and day.  The snow is slushy, it looks like spring. 
For Month of Dec. 2014
261 total miles groomed
53.3 hours grooming
260 gallons diesel burned
158 trees removed from trails
1 hour maintenance
7 hours groomer drivers time driving to and from the mountain
420 miles driven by groomer drivers getting to the mountain


The groomers have been grooming since Friday, we have opened most trails up around the highway, out to Bone Springs and Ruckel shelters, we still have 2 trails in the Balloon tree area to open but should get to that Friday.  There are a few outer trails past Bone Springs and towards Timothy/Troy that won't be done until next week as we have concentrated on the closer to Tollgate trails.  With the help of Tollgate Trailfinder members helping us cut trees, we have removed 158 trees from the trails so far. Thanks to those people that volunteered their time to help with this big trail clean up. 

Everyone have a Happy New Year!


Dec 27th 2014 - 

We took both groomers out Friday December 26 and made it to Bone Springs and back Skyline, Elk Trail, and went to Morning Creek SnoPark.  Between the 2 groomers we cut about 100 trees from about 2-3 inch size to up to 2 feet in diameter.  Thanks to Jay and Amy, Sam, Dino, and Jimmy T for helping by cutting trees in front of us. Otherwise we would have been out there for a couple of additional hours clearing trails. [ALSO- Thanks to the anonymous riders going out with chain saws - we have heard of several]
We opened Bone Springs Shelter.  There is still water running in the ditches along Jubilee Rd, and also on Elk Trail.  We filled in a water ditch on Elk Trail, but we don't think it will last.  There is water running across Tenyke Meadow and on the trail to Morning Creek SnoPark.  We were down in the dirt several times pushing trees, especially near Tollgate.  With new snow coming and colder temperatures I am hoping we can start filling in water holes and building trails at Spout Springs too. 
Happy New Year!
Sno Park Permits

Washington Sno Park permits will NOT be honored in Oregon Sno Parks this year according to the Oregon Forest Service.  An Oregon Sno Park permit can be purchased at the DMV (maybe Stateline Polaris also).

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