February 11, 2013
Changes to By-Laws:


Dissolution of the Club


Section 1:            In the event of dissolution of the club, the laws of the State of Oregon will be adhered to with the intent of TTF that the assets shall be sold and distributed to any non-profit corporation or educational institution at the discretion of the current members of the TTF Corporation.


Section 2:            In the event the board of directors recommends dissolution of the corporation, all members of record shall be notified in writing not less than sixty days prior to a special meeting to vote on such dissolution.  The notice shall provide information that the purpose of the special meeting is to vote on dissolutions and include with such notice the proposed distribution of assets.  Unless the articles of Incorporation require a greater vote, dissolution is approved by at least two thirds of the votes cast, or the majority of the voting power (voting members of record), which ever is less.



Corporate Indemnification

 Section 1:            This Corporation will indemnify its officers and directors to the fullest extent allowed by Oregon Law.



Section 1:            These By-Laws may be amended at any time by two notifications to the general membership.  This may be one published notification and one presentation at a general meeting.