Meeting Minutes


Tollgate Trailfinders Minutes – Board Meeting Nov. 4th 2017

President Bob Carrell opened the meeting.  Minutes were read by Secretary Dottie Carrell, and the treasury report was given by Tammy Christensen.  Our balance was $9630.51. 

The Youth safety class was a success with our new local instructor Andy Milar and Gary Stratton on first response training.

We produced an email and website newsletter for the first time and we expect to do more of this with Bob Smith as editor.

Work crews were out in force on Nov. 4th.  Brushing was done around McIntyre and Mudflats poles and rope were put up.  However we ran out of rope.  Bob C. will order 1000 feet of 3/8th inch rope for approximately $100.  Other trails need brushing but it would take forever to do those by hand (Luger Loop for example).  We discussed the need for a brushing machine.  To hire the work out is $150 to $200 per hour.  OSSA will pay to have about 10 miles done per year.  Jess will talk to Denny Farewell.  Forest Service does Jubilee Lake Road and Ruckle Road.  Work yet to do on the trails also include stop signs at Morning Creek and Woodland highway crossings.  Bob and Dottie and Cecil will get that done.

Groomer’s report was given by Jess Thompson. OSSA spent $30,000.00 on the 2008 groomer.  Diesel cost $6000 for this upcoming season and OSSA paid that too.  Jess also turned in a Summer Maintenance report for the website.

Upcoming Activities (check website for updates):

Dec. 9th - Glen Warren will lead a ride to Bluewood snow permitting.  Meet at 8am.

Dec. 9th - Family ride.  Meet at clubhouse at 9am.

Dec. 23rd - Family Ride. Meet at 9am at clubhouse.

Dec. 30th - Poker Run and Family ride at 10am.  Radio Technology ride meet at 8am.

Dec. 31st – New Years Eve Party at Clubhouse.  Brings munchies and drinks of your choice.  Board games for kids.

Jan. 6th – Ride at 9am and meeting at 5pm.

January 20th – Kids ride (Kolby’s Kids) meet at clubhouse at 9am.

Feb. 3rd – Ladies ride with hot dogs at Bone-Chapman Shelter. Club President will cook.


Side by Sides

At the December 2nd General Meeting the Forest Service will present the current regulations on Side by Side UTVs. 

Discussion - Jess the groomer chairman was asked about the impact on groomed trails.  Usually Side by Sides don’t tear up the trail any more than snowmobiles.  It comes down to everyone who uses the trails need to be courteous and cautious.  

Does the club support year round safe and sane UTV and ATV trail use?? 

A motion was made by Tammy Davenport and then modified by Bob Carrell to discuss with the Forest Service both winter and summer use of Side by Sides. The TTF is a snowmobile club embracing winter recreation, but we would support approaching the Forest Service to consider an enhanced OHV program to accomplish Safe & Sane summer ATV/UTV recreation. The motion passed with one vote against.


Radio Usage – Radio Frequency needs to be posted as 6-1.

New Trail Maps are being printed in the middle of this month.

 The meeting was adjourned.


Trail Finders Minutes 3/4/2017                    Last General Meeting   (Election)

            Sheriff’s office gave an Emergency preparedness presentation.  They presented information from Peter Kummerfeldt’s survival book.

             Bob Carrell opened meeting.  The minutes from the last meeting were read.  The treasurer’s report was given.  We had $9755.55 in our account.  UEC Electric, Dish Internet, Century Link phone for groomer shed, and replacing the groomer door were our bills.  Last meeting we had donations of $268.  Membership was reported.  We ended the season at 105 but we had 22 new members this season.  Trails were reported on.  There is so much snow that it is easy to get stuck even on the trails.  Kudos to groomers for trying to keep up with Mother Nature this year.

            Glen Warren reported that WSSA sent out information warning us of the Washington state sales tax new law.  Where Washington state will collect sales tax on purchases close to border.  If a side by side, for example, is only ridden in Oregon then the tax may not be collected. 

            New Business

                        Our club’s alcoholic Beverage policy was reviewed.  It is OK to have a glass of wine or beer at Potlucks but not at meetings, rides, work parties, or outside events.  Club members need to use discretion and use discrete containers.

 Cecil Berry and Tammy Davenport were chosen as Snowmobilers of the Year and awarded a trophy plack.

Elections were held for board positions.  We needed two new members to replace board members that were not staying for another term.  Glen Warren and Tammy Davenport were nominated and elected.



Tollgate Trail Finders General Meeting Minutes 

TTF Minutes General Meeting 1/7/17

            Bob opened meeting.  Meeting minutes from Dec. 3rd were read by Dottie.  Tammy gave the treasurers report.  There was a previous December balance of $8697.  We collected $190 from pancake feed, and $336 from T-shirt sales. We had $1227 in donations from Poker Draw and Auction.  We paid our web page hosting bill of $200.  Leaving us with a January balance of $9803.

Bob gave the grooming report from emails from Jess.  Grooming has happened as usual with reports posted weekly to web page.  One of the big doors broke on the groomer shed and was stuck open.  They were able to get it fixed in one day.  The club will be responsible for that repair.  The cost is somewhere between $500 and $900 dollars.  It was voted on and passed to pay that bill.

Trail Chairman Cecil reported that trails have all been open and riding is great.

            Membership report was given by Connie.  We were at 103 paid families.

            Bob Smith reported on T-Shirt and Hoodie sales.  Since we really don’t want to maintain an inventory of shirts that may or may not sell, we are setting batch order dates to allow printers to not run one shirt at a time.  We voted on giving the groomers all gray hoodies with their names on the sleeve.  There are six groomers.  The cost would be about $200.  The motion was passed.

            We voted on Bob Smith buying a new coffee pot for the clubhouse as the old donated ones are no longer working.  The motion was passed to spend ???

            Dottie had purchased $25 worth of paper and kitchen supplies for the clubhouse.  It was voted on and passed to repay her.  It was also voted on and passed to repay $100 Tammy for pancake feed food.

            We have upcoming events – Check the webpage and Facebook for updates.  Feb. 18th is planned as a GPS and Geocache ride put on by Brandon and Bob Smith.  



Tollgate Trail Finder’s Minutes December 3rd, 2016 – General

The meeting was opened by Bob Carrell and he introduced officers, board members, and committee chairs.  The meeting minutes were read from Nov. 12th board meeting.  Tammy Christensen had prepared a treasurer’s report.  The balance was $8895.15 as the 30th of November. 

Dottie read Jess’s groomer report sent to her via email.  Cecil Berry gave the trail report saying all trails are good and open.  Brandon reported the mudflats ropes and poles were complete and it took 30 hours of labor with men and kids helping.

Brandon went over the schedule of events.  Dec. 10th will be Bluewood ride (42 miles one way) and a family ride to Bone Chapman shelter.  Dec. 17th will be a pancake breakfast and possibly JMC will have new snowmobiles to test drive.  Dec. 31st New Year’s Eve party and Poker draw/run.  Jan 7th Open House and Bone Chapman ride.  Safety theme at meeting will be Avalanche presented by Brandon.

 Jan. 14th through March 18th there are club rides, a radar run, and Steakout planned.

Dottie reported on logging that is being allowed this winter east of Lookout Mt.  Lookout to Luger has a clear trail however.

Connie Smith reported on Memberships.  There were 70 families paid, with 185 individual members, and 80+ snowmobiles.

New logo on t-shirts and hoodies.  Bob Smith will get samples to show the membership next meeting and we will have order forms.

It was reported that the lock at Bone Chapman shelter is broken.  Bob Carrell said he will get a new one.

Sheriff Tim Roberts said thank you to groomers who helped get the people out when their truck got stuck.  And thanks to the club for the letter they wrote to help the sheriffs get an ATV to support Side by Side and ATV usage.  Tim took a count of the number of people who rode to the meeting on a side by side and 10 people raised their hands. Tim said that ATVs will be used on Tollgate Mountain more and more in the future.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes taken by Dottie Carrell 12-3-16



Tollgate Trailfinders Minutes – Board Meeting Nov. 12th 2016

President Bob Carrell opened the meeting.  Minutes were read by Secretary Dottie Carrell, and the treasury report was given by Tammy Christensen.  Our balance was $8937.50.  Membership was reported by Connie Smith as 59 members paid.

The Youth safety class was a success with 16 kids in attendance.  The club donated $100 to the instructor to further snowmobile safety for youth.  Susie the instructor also gave an avalanche awareness class in the afternoon.

Cecil Berry gave his trail report.  Logs on the trails from fallen trees have been cut so groomers can push them out of the way.  Trails are in good shape brushing wise except for one place on lower trails at Mud Flats. Woodland trail problem area has been drained and Cecil has placed a culvert.  The Forest Service is supposed to finish the repair from logging activities there.  We decided to put up poles and ropes at Mud Flats on the weekend of Nov. 26th and Bob will contact the land owner. 

Dottie gave groomers report from Jess Thompson’s emails.  Groomer machines are repaired and ready to go.  Forest Service has informed the club and groomers that there will be logging activities out bt Lookout mountain

We discussed the following items:

  • Clubhouse needs to be opened more on weekends.  Ideally for members but first timers can use it also.  We talked about opening the club on Saturdays between 10 and 2pm.  We should have donuts, coffee, or hot dogs, for example, to distribute with donations.
  • Selling Sno Park permits was discussed.  We need someone to steer head this project.
  • General membership could have a theme to educate the attendees.  Radio usage, creation of rescue call list, trail safety, and avalanche awareness are topics that were brought up.
  • New logo for the club has been created.  We discussed have t-shirts and hoodies made with our new logo and selling these for fund raisers.




Trailfinders Board and friends Aug. 9th Round Table Pizza

Tollgate Trailfinder’s Minutes August 9th 2016 – Board

 The meeting was opened by Bob Carrell.  The meeting was informal and we did not do a sign in sheet. This meeting was to kick around ideas for projects, membership recruitment, and fundraisers.  Agreed upon goals were to be Friendly, include Family events, focus on Safety, be of Service, and Have FUN!  Board, or any members are encouraged to talk to President Bob (bcarrell2@aol.com, 509-947-2944) if there is a task they would like to work on, and Vice President Brandon (brandon.christensen@repowell.com) if there is an event they want to help with.

Fund Raiser ideas:

  • Clubhouse open during the winter for donuts and coffee, pancake breakfasts, and maybe spaghetti feeds.  Mostly on Saturdays.
  • Have the clubhouse open for people to heat their lunch and get warm. 
  • Have T-Shirts and or Hoodies made with a cool new logo and sell them. (Andrew will work on a new logo).  We pretty much agreed on Hoodies $45.
  • Make 2017 calendars to sell, with photos of great snowmobiling or shelter feeds from Tollgate.  Send photos to Ann at premium_post@opticom.com
  • Guide trail rides for a donation.  Or help get people get unstuck for a donation.  This idea was not fully agreed on or developed yet.
  • We could raise our dues to $75 from $50. Much discussion followed this suggestion.  A lot thought we could do this without any negative feedback, some were worried about complaints and wanted to do this dues hike after months of discussion with the general membership.


 Events ideas:  (Let’s make sure we put the events on our Facebook too)

  • Family ride to end at shelter with a hot dog feed
  • Poker run and or Geo cache with GPS
  • Hard rides and easy rides.


We will have a Youth Safety class on Nov. 12th at our clubhouse.  Youth ages 8-15.  The teacher requests trying to limit the class to 15 youth.  Tammy Davenport has volunteered to be our contact for the class (541-566-0381) davenporttd@gmail.com.

Also, the instructor is willing to teach a short basic avalanche class.  EMT Gary Stratton is willing to teach an adult and youth combined first aid on that same day too.   It may be a long day but it is good to put these classes on while everyone is up on the mountain.   The Youth class will go from 9am to 1pm.

Trail Maintenance was discussed and the idea of using an “Adopt a Trail” system was brought up.  Each neighborhood or road would be responsible for the trail closest to them.  This system was used years ago with some success but we would need to remind people and encourage them.  We need to get permission from land owners and the Forest Service to access dirt roads where trails need trimming.  Cody Smith will talk to Hans to see what is currently the best way to approach the Forest Service.    Areas that need trimming or work are:

  • Lower trails from McDougal on down (with owner’s permission)
  • From Andy’s Prairie up to ridge and also across the highway from Andy’s.
  • Signage needs to be redone up by Bone due to logging activities last summer.
  • Need to fix the trail between summer cabins and Woodland Sno Park due to damage to the culvert there (see if loggers are responsible).
  • Outhouse at Ruckle shelter needs to be replaced. Get a grant or volunteers?  Or have a crappy fundraiser?


Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes taken by Dottie Carrell 8-9-16




TTF Minutes, General Meeting   3/5/16        [Election]

Dewayne opened the meeting.  The minutes from Feb. 13th were read by Dottie, motioned and passed as presented.   Bob presented the treasurers report with a balance of $9881.00.  This included payments to OSSA for memberships, and this year’s Liability insurance.  We also paid $380 for the WSSA hot dog and club spaghetti feeds last month, but we did collect $276 back in donations (plus $50 from sale of leftovers). The normal bills of groomer phone, club electric, weather station Dish, and stamps were included in the report.  The report was motioned and passed as presented.

The need to cut wood at Bone Springs/ Chapman was brought up by Bob Smith.  A permit needs to be obtained from the Forest Service on Rose St. in Walla Walla.  A date of July 23rd was chosen and Bob Smith volunteered to head up the work party.

The ropes and poles at Mud Flats on the lower trail need to be removed in April.  A date of April 16 was chosen for this work party.  It was decided to do the Steak out Event at the clubhouse on the same day.  Bob Carrell and Brandon will head up that day’s events. 

Both these dates will need to be announced on the web page and on our Facebook.

The Forest Service had contacted the groomers and the club about logging this month on the trail between Summer Cabins and Woodland Sno Park.  Dottie and Jess had been asked to participate on a conference call with the Forest Service on March 1st.   As representatives for all snowmobilers’ safety, we communicated the position that there is no way to make sure the trails are safe if loggers are working on or across the trails especially during regular snowmobile season. The logging company committed to the Forest Service that they would have signage, flaggers, and limited hours of operation.  We again emphasized that it is always an unsafe situation when you have two very different operations using the same trails at the same time.  The Forest Service initially agreed with our position and told the loggers they could not begin logging until April 1st.  Then a few days later came back with another proposal to the club asking if the loggers should be allowed to merely cross the trail to do minimal work before the end of the season.  We agreed they could cross the trail twice with a single piece of equipment and those crossings would only occur on Wednesday March 23, and Thursday March 24th.  For further information the person we dealt with at the Walla Walla F.S. group was Mike R at 509-522-6293 or 509-386-6724.

Dottie presented a motion to approve the purchase of a new backup power supply unit for the weather station.  The two small ones have out lived their shelf life and a new one is $198.00 which is a larger one made to last 6 – 8 hours. The motion was seconded and passed with a vote in favor.

The previous old business motion was brought up by Dewayne regarding revoking the membership of Jimmy Taylor due to his aggressive actions and threats prior to his resignation.  No apologies in any form have come from Jimmy and Jimmy was not present at this meeting.  Dewayne motioned to table the motion again since Jimmy was not present to discuss the issues.  The motion was seconded, and voted and passed with one vote against tabling the issue again.

A question about side by side owners belonging to the club was brought up from the floor.  Dottie stated that over the snow side by sides are legal according to the Forest Service.  Mike Kelly brought up that we should contact them by sending them membership registration cards when we mail out our next cards for next season.  Connie agreed to get a list of name and addresses from Mike and include them in the next mass mailing.

We discussed having a Steak cook out in April.  A date of April 16th was set.  The club will provide the baked potatoes and BBQs with everyone bringing their own steaks.

Glen Warren with WSSA said a big thank you to the club for facilitating the rides and hot dog feed on Presidents Day weekend.

The Bone Chapman Shelter needs to be closed the end of this month.  Rod volunteered to lock it up provided he can get there on Weds. March 30th.

A summer work party to trim brush on the trails was discussed.  We need to trim on the lower trails by hand or get permission to take a side by side down the trails.  Jess will work with Bob and Dewayne to get the Forest Service trails brushed professionally with the OSSA monies. During the summer we also need to fix intersection signage and/or any signage that has fallen.  We need to replace the stop sign at Woodland highway crossing.  Andrew Grissom volunteered to assist in getting the signs in a good more permanent way.  Signage of arrows and diamonds exist at the groomers shed.  Buckshot volunteered to work with the Forest Service to get the culvert fixed at the Woodland crossing.

Lynn Kent proposed having club events for the kids and families during ride days.  Sledding and hot dog feeds were suggested.   Tim the Sheriff said that we need to avoid the Boy Scout weekend at Andies’ Prairie when we schedule events for kids.

Tim also brought up the fact that we need to get the Youth Safety Class going again.  We asked for a volunteer to head up that project of finding instructors.  Tammy Davenport volunteered and Dottie said she would help her start with a list of phone numbers and sources.


There were no contested positions and no write ins for club officers so we took a tally of raised hands to elect the officers.  Bob Carrell, President, Brandon Christensen Vice President, Dottie Carrell Secretary, and Tammy Christensen Treasurer.

For Board positions we had 8 people running and 7 positions to fill.  The ballots were passed out and a secret ballot vote was taken.  Independent individuals were selected to count the votes.  The newly elected Board members are:

Jack Preston, Mike Kelly, Cody Smith, Donnie Hanson, Andrew Grissom, Cecil Berry, and Bob Smith.