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Bone Springs - Chapman Shelter

The re-dedication of the Bone Springs - Chapman Shelter was a big success.  Our 20 year old shelter now has a new name to honor the work that Bernie Chapman and his family have done over the years. About 50 people were there to hear presentations given by the US Forest service.

Congratulations to Chappy and Mary Louise!



Blue Mt. Revision Comment Period is now closed


Below is the link to the revised plan:


We have written a sample comment that snowmobilers can copy and send in to the Forest Service.  PLEASE feel free to edit or write your own.  The Forest Service has asked that we choose an alternative and state why we chose an alternative.  To submit your comments follow the link below:


In reference to the "Blue Mountain Forest Use Revision--2014"

Although it is not absolutely clear what changes in the revised plan will be in store for snowmobile enthusiasts or how those changes will be enforced, we are concerned that we will lose the freedom to ride where we have enjoyed snowmobiling for decades in the Tollgate Umatilla National Forest area. We would like to express that literally hundreds of snowmobilers ride in the Umatilla National Forest, on trails and off, through the mountains and trees.  Our club strives to be good stewards of the forest throughout the many roads, trails and mountains where we ride. We strive to leave an invisible footprint on the mountain.  When the season is over and the snow melts the only thing left are the wonderful memories of the season gone by.

We as a club ask that our National Forests be left open to motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles because without them we would only be able to see a very small amount of our National Forest System. We ask that the forest does not become "locked" away so that only a few could enjoy it through hiking or cross country skiing. We want to emphasis that our club seeks the continued use of the forest for snowmobiling on and off trail and we will promote using our forest in such a way as to not harm the plants, trees and wild life that also call the Umatilla National Forest home.

Tollgate Trailfinders support a designation to continue motorized vehicle (winter) as suitable use of the forest. We recommend Alternative “D” because this plan is the one that assures the most forest area be kept available for the public to enjoy.

Member, Tollgate TrailFinders Snowmobile Club

Final 2013/2014 Season Grooming Report

Here is the March 2014 Final Grooming Report:
169 miles groomed
25.2 hours spent grooming
173 gallons of diesel burned
3 hours of maintenance
5 hours driving to and from the mountain
260 miles driven to and from the mountain
end of the year report 2013-2014
953.3 miles groomed
153.2 hours grooming
1,022 gallons of diesel burned
37.5 hours of maintenance
32 hours driving to and from the mountain
1790 miles driven to and from the mountain
52 trees removed from the trail.
Thanks to the groomer drivers for their dedication this year. 

Events March/April 2014

Special Message

"My thanks to the Tollgate Trailfinders that made my 90th birthday such a joyous occasion.  To have you AND family made it a very special time!  With Love and Best Wishes."  - Mary Louise Chapman Age 90


Our "Steak Out" BBQ was well attended last Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and a big THANKS to those that worked so I could enjoy a great snowmobile ride today!!


Our Annual Banquet will not be held this year.    


 Election Results for 2014-2015 are as follows:.

President----------------Amy Hamann
Vice President---------Sam Ostronik
Secretary ---------------Dottie Carrell
Treasurer---------------Bob Carrell
Parliamentarian------ Dewayne Harvill 
Board positions:
Jimmy Taylor, Jay Hamann, Rod Morrow, Jack Preston, Scott WadeKamper, Robert Smith

Snow Depth Link

Below is a link to more weather information - particularly snow depths:

Weather Station
August 15, 2013

 Contact info for the admin of the weather station and/or this website is:

Dottie at

The Tollgate weather history graph can be viewed at:

Election Results from March 2, 2013 meeting
March 4, 2013

The following people were elected to the board

David Baird

Brandon Christensen

Carl Grissom

Dino Graham

Steve Noirot

Also the proposed to change to the By-Laws was approved.

Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

February 11, 2013

This change has been at the direction of a attorney. To be voted on at 6pm 3/2/13 at the membership meeting along with the election of board members. The change is that the prior version stated that the assets would be sold in the event of a dissolution and any money left would be distributed to the current members at the time of dissolution. It turns out we can't do this and any money left must be given to another non-profit(s) as decided by the current members and board of directors.