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Activities this Winter - 2015

Trail Work Party on Saturday Nov. 28th - Meet at clubhouse at 10am.  We will be putting up ropes and poles at Mud Flats plus other trail work if possible.  

There will be a General Club meeting at 6 oclock with Potluck on Saturday December 5th.  Board meeting to preceed the General meeting at 5pm. 

We are planning to have the annual Bluewood run on Saturday Dec. 12th, snow permitting.  This ride is a minimum of 42 miles one way, so 84 miles plus fun playing miles minimum to complete the trip so extra fuel may be required. There is no gas to buy at Bluewood so you must pack your own. The ride is for advanced riders as the ride will involve riding ungroomed road and off road travel up and down steep hills will be required to get around drifted areas. The last time this ride was attempted we only made it to the Table Rock lookout and turned around due to rough wintery conditions.  A longer tracked snowmobile is necessary. Pack for backcountry survival plus food as we may not make it all the way across to Bluewood but will have fun along the way. Ride will leave the TTF Clubhouse at 9AM.

THANKS for all the loyal memberships sent in!!  You will be receiving Trailfinders membership cards and OSSA membership cards in the next month.


We are filing the new season Trail insurance forms with OSSA for liability insurance coverage.  NEWS/Property Owners on this website to check for your name if you property on the trail system.


Hooray for the Pendleton office and Dennis of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)!  They have donated new weather station equipment to provide better reliability.


Election results from March 7th meeting:

Board positions - Elected for the 2015-2016 Season are Brandon Christensen, Chris Jenson, Lynn Kent, Linda Batterton, and David Baird.  See Board on top menu for the complete list of current officers and Board members.

The winner of the Raffle drawing for the BarBQ from Ranch and Home was John and Shiela Archibald.

If you are interested in leading a ride or hosting an event at the clubhouse please contact Amy Hamann at


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Snow Depth Link

Below is a link to more weather information - particularly snow depths:

Weather Station
August 15, 2013

 Contact info for the admin of the weather station and/or this website is:

Dottie at

The Tollgate weather history graph can be viewed at:

Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

February 11, 2013

This change has been at the direction of a attorney. To be voted on at 6pm 3/2/13 at the membership meeting along with the election of board members. The change is that the prior version stated that the assets would be sold in the event of a dissolution and any money left would be distributed to the current members at the time of dissolution. It turns out we can't do this and any money left must be given to another non-profit(s) as decided by the current members and board of directors.

Updated Board Member list and October Board Meeting Minutes now posted
October 27, 2012
Board Member Contacts
March 6, 2012

For general snowmobile club questions - Amy Hamann 509-531-6802.

For the lower trails (from the clubhouse down) the contact will be Bob Carrell (509-947-6421) so if you have any questions or concerns he will be your direct contact.

For upper trails the contact is still Bernie Chapman, 509-520-5129

These people will be able to bring to the board ideas for improving safety and access in their areas. In the past people may not have been sure who to contact with questions.


President Ken Miles

Vice President James Taylor

Secretary Dottie Carrol

Treasurer Bob Carrol

Parlimentarian Jack Preston.

Board Members

Jay Hamman

Amy Hamman

Rod Morrow

Shirley Baird

Bob Smith