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2014 October/ November/ December Events

TrailFinders Board meeting - Saturday November 1st 4:30pm.

Trail Work Party - November 8th.  Meet at ClubHouse 8:30am.  We need to work on Mud Flats on the lower trails and removal of PVC pipe in trail by Summer Cabins and Ski Resort.  Call Bob Carrell 509-947-2944, or Brandon Christensen 509-830-3706.

Saturday Dec. 6th - Welcome to 2014 Season!!  Breakfast at Clubhouse 8am - 10am.  Call Dottie Carrell to volunteer 509-947-2944

Sat. Dec. 6th 10am to 2PM - Mini Bazaar & Swap Meet so bring snowmobile gear to sell or swap and hand made items.  This will be a fund raiser.  Call Marcella Morrow 509-946-5047

December 6th ... First General Memberbership meeting 6PM.  Board meeting at 5:00pm.  Potluck to follow meetings.

Bone Springs - Chapman Shelter

The re-dedication of the Bone Springs - Chapman Shelter was a big success.  Our 20 year old shelter now has a new name to honor the work that Bernie Chapman and his family have done over the years. About 50 people were there to hear presentations given by the US Forest service.

Congratulations to Chappy and Mary Louise!



Final 2013/2014 Season Grooming Report

Here is the March 2014 Final Grooming Report:
169 miles groomed
25.2 hours spent grooming
173 gallons of diesel burned
3 hours of maintenance
5 hours driving to and from the mountain
260 miles driven to and from the mountain
end of the year report 2013-2014
953.3 miles groomed
153.2 hours grooming
1,022 gallons of diesel burned
37.5 hours of maintenance
32 hours driving to and from the mountain
1790 miles driven to and from the mountain
52 trees removed from the trail.
Thanks to the groomer drivers for their dedication this year. 

Events March/April 2014


 Election Results for 2014-2015 are as follows:.

President----------------Amy Hamann
Vice President---------Sam Ostronik
Secretary ---------------Dottie Carrell
Treasurer---------------Bob Carrell
Parliamentarian------ Dewayne Harvill 
Board positions:
Jimmy Taylor, Jay Hamann, Rod Morrow, Jack Preston, Scott WadeKamper, Robert Smith

Snow Depth Link

Below is a link to more weather information - particularly snow depths:

Weather Station
August 15, 2013

 Contact info for the admin of the weather station and/or this website is:

Dottie at

The Tollgate weather history graph can be viewed at:

Election Results from March 2, 2013 meeting
March 4, 2013

The following people were elected to the board

David Baird

Brandon Christensen

Carl Grissom

Dino Graham

Steve Noirot

Also the proposed to change to the By-Laws was approved.

Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.