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Be watching for water holes as well as tree wells enlarging significantly which could swallow your snowmobile.  They are plowing 62 road back towards Lookout Mountain to resume logging in that area.  

Be Considerate and Safe - As April 1st approches we ask the four wheel vehicles to PLEASE consider leaving the snowmobiles a trail to reach the top on Jubilee Road.  Please be considerate and do not ruin the whole road for us.   Do Not ride wheeled vehicles before April 1st as you could be fined.  The excavator that traveled up Jubilee to Owl Hoot Lane had to repair the trail to the tune of $370 even though he was tring to fix his cabin.  Snowmobiles expect to ride the trails until the first and tearing it up can create a dangerous unknown hazard.


We have had reports of snowmobilers riding over the top of Bone-Chapman shelter.  Riding over the top of cabins and shelters is DESTRUCTIVE.  If any of you know who is doing this please talk to them, or report the vandalism.    


The March meeting was well attended.  Annual election results for 2-year Board Member positions include Chris Jensen, David Baird, Tammy Davenport and Glenn Warren.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Cecil Berry and Tammy Davenport honored as Snowmobilers of the Year for all the efforts they have contributed over the past year!!

Thank-you to Bob, Cecil and Tristen for brushing work all day Sunday on the lower trails!


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Club minutes are now posted under the top menu, Board/Minutes.

Elections were held March 2016, with a good attendance at the General meeting.  Elected Officers are:

President - Bob Carrell

Vice President - Brandon Christensen

Treasurer - Tammy Christensen

Secretary - Dottie Carrell

Parlimentarian - Dewayne Harvill


Board members are:

Jack Preston, Bob Smith, Mike Kelly, Cody Smith, Donnie Hanson, Andrew Grissom, Cecil Berry, Chris Jensen, David Baird, Tammy Davenport and Glenn Warren.

PROPERTY OWNERS ON THE TRAIL: You are covered through OSSA for liability insurance. Go to NEWS/Property Owners on this website to check for your name if your property is on the trail system. Thank You.


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Jubilee Road to Bone-Chapman Shelter
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Inner Trails From Morning Creek
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Lower Trails McDougal Rd.
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Trail to Ruckel
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Below is a link to more weather information - particularly snow depths:

Property Owner list for OSSA insurance, If you have a groomed trail that crosses your property and you do not see your name listed. Please use the contact us form so we can get you added.


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Weather Station
August 15, 2013

 Contact info for the admin of the weather station and/or this website is:

Dottie at

The Tollgate weather history graph can be viewed at:

Tollgate snow line number 541-566--2784.
February 23, 2013

This recording is updated with current conditions everytime the groomers go out.

Updated Board Member list and October Board Meeting Minutes now posted
October 27, 2012

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