Activities 2017 - 2018 Season

Our Youth Snowmobile Safety Course will be offered on Saturday November 4th, between 9am and 1pm.  We will provide food for attendees.  Please email Bob Carrell at to sign up.  Send the child's name and a contact phone number.  The class is offered free of charge by Trailfinders, but membership is encouraged and can be purchased the day of class.   It is recommended that youth be between 8 and 18.  



It’s hard to believe the snowmobile season is right around the corner.  It’s here and the club is making plans for a new season of snowmobile events.


 The TTF (Tollgate Trail Finders) board members and officers met in Walla Walla at “Smith’s” restaurant on Friday October 6th to discuss the upcoming activities for the snow season.  Our season is November 1, 2017 through April 1, 2018.  As a club, we promote family-friendly world class snowmobile recreation with many miles of groomed trails and thousands of acres of off-trail and back country riding. We are blessed to have such a winter paradise so close to our homes in Eastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington. We are equally blessed to have club members willing to devote time and energy making sure our bills are paid, trails are groomed, signs are in place and firewood is cut and placed in the warming shelters


Photo Credit – Becca Daniel (HWY 204 on 8-21-17)






We have a great infrastructure that was put in place by the forefathers of the club that allows for a great snowmobiling experience and it’s up to our generation to keep the club alive and thriving. The yearly TTF Club membership cards were recently mailed out. The membership dues remain at $50.00 per family which cover the entire family for riding the trails, the use of 2 warming shelters (Chapman-Bone Springs and Ruckel), the TTF Clubhouse, the Groomer Warehouse and Groomer Equipment, and many other amenities.

                                                                                                                             Photo Credits – TTF Archives (Bone Springs Firewood Cutting 2017)


Membership – What’s in it for me?

 For every $50 membership $25 is forwarded to the OSSA (Oregon State Snowmobile Association). The OSSA then pays for the purchase of the grooming machines, the parts to maintain them and the fuel to run the machines. The labor for the maintenance and the time devoted to driving the grooming machines is all donated by the gentlemen that simply love the sport enough to donate their time and effort to the sport of snowmobiling. Many hours are spent during the off season doing maintenance preparation for the snow season. Our club retains the other $25 to cover costs associated with maintaining the club house, grooming shop, insurance, electrical, heating, internet service for the weather camera at the club house and many other items that are too numerous to mention. We thank those who are members for their generosity and encourage others who use the trail system to become members of our TTF club family!! It is because of “you” the many members and volunteers that keep the trails groomed and the lights turned on that make for a wonderful snowmobile experience.

Kids Snowmobile Safety Course – NOV 4, 2017 9am-1pm

 Our club’s number one goal is to have fun! “And” to do so safely. We will kick off the season with a kid’s safety class Saturday, November 4th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. All the particulars will be listed on the TTF website ( We encourage kids ages of 8 and 18 who want to snowmobile to attend the class. Graduates will receive an Oregon Snowmobile License from Oregon DMV. Cardholders will be able to legally operate a snowmobile within the State of Oregon.  


Club Rides

We plan to lead a club ride every other Saturday leaving the club house around 9:00 am. We will alternate between family friendly trail rides and advanced back country style rides. The family friendly rides would go to places such as Bone Springs, Balloon Tree, or Ruckel Junction.  The advanced back country style rides would take the group anywhere from Seven Meadows, Tiger Canyon, Jacks Canyon and a number of other places that the Tollgate Area has to offer.  During the advanced rides we will work on skills such as avalanche, GPS, and riding skills. We have several people who are willing to lead these rides but it’s always fun to have new folks lead the pack to their favorite hideaway. If you would like to volunteer to lead a ride or be a part of one please send a “message” on the Tollgate Trail Finders Facebook page and we’ll get you set up.   

Photo Credit – TTF Archives



2017- 2018 Monthly Club Meetings

1st Saturday November thru March - We have monthly club meetings the first Saturday of each month at 5:00 pm followed by a potluck dinner.  We encourage everyone on the mountain to join in and be part of the fun and good food.


October 20th – 21st WSSA Snowmobile & Power Sport Expo and Swap Meet – Washington State Fair Grounds.  Puyallup, WA (

November 4th – 9am-1pm - Youth Safety Class—-TTF Club house, HWY 204, Tollgate Open for kids ages 8-18.  TTF Membership encouraged and available during event

November 4th – 9am-1pm – Work Party - Brushing McIntyre Loop north of Target Meadows intersection, putting up poles at Mudflats, and putting up stop signs.  Meet at 9:00am in front of store next to the TTF clubhouse to not interfere with the youth class.  Please plan to join us!

November 4th – 5pm-7pm – TTF Board Meeting and Potluck

December 2nd – 5pm-7pm – TTF General Membership Meeting and Potluck

December 9th – 8am   Bluewood Run—-meet at TTF club house… bring plenty of gas as this is approximately a 90 mile ride.  Glenn Warren and Brandon Christensen plan to lead the ride.  This ride depends on snow conditions.  Plan to attend as this is always a fun time.  Hot dogs will be provided at Godman warming shelter by the Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club “IF” we make it.  I would pack a lunch just in case.  The leader may need to pick a different course.

December 31st – 6pm- New Year’s Party at the TTF Clubhouse. Watch the and our TTF Facebook page for more info.



Do Your Snow Dance And Let’s Make This A Great Snowmobile Season!!



The Trailfinders board members met last Friday (10/6/17) to get a jump on organizing Rides and Activities for the coming season.  Keep checking this website to find out about weekend events such as Family rides, Destination rides, Avalanche class and ride to practice beacon use, and many more.

Our new logo is now available on tshirts and hoodies:









Order Form link below (need to order by May 15th for next batch)


Club minutes are now posted under the top menu, Board/Minutes.

Elected Officers are:

President - Bob Carrell

Vice President - Brandon Christensen

Treasurer - Tammy Christensen

Secretary - Dottie Carrell

Parlimentarian - Dewayne Harvill

Board members are:

Jack Preston, Bob Smith, Mike Kelly, Cody Smith, Donnie Hanson, Andrew Grissom, Cecil Berry, Chris Jensen, David Baird, Tammy Davenport and Glenn Warren.

PROPERTY OWNERS ON THE TRAIL: You are covered through OSSA for liability insurance. Go to NEWS/Property Owners on this website to check for your name if your property is on the trail system. Thank You.


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Property Owner list for OSSA insurance, If you have a groomed trail that crosses your property and you do not see your name listed. Please use the contact us form so we can get you added.


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